Bio- Monitoring


Bio- Monitoring is a prevention system from harmful organisms through investigation and scientific analysis by conducting a biological- environmental monitoring such as pest investigation through micro-organism analysis and IPM (integrated Pest Management) of museums, archives , art galleries, and libraries.

Air sampling

Airborne Microbe Investigation/ Air Sampling

Microbe distribution is conducted by putting in the selctive medium(PDA,NA) in the air collector, mainly focusing on aerial existing microbes, then absorbing, 1,000L of air in the desired position of collection, and finally cultivating the gathered airborne fungi in 27ºC for 3~5 days to analyse the number of microbes and morphological characteristics.

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Archival Adhesive Bacteria Investigation

After collecting contaminants adhered on artifacts and archives using a sterillized cotton swab and streaking it in selective medium (PDA,NA), it is then cultivated in 27°C for 3~5 days to analyze the characteristics of the harmful microbes in order to confirm the morphological characteristics of the microbes on the surface of the artifacts and archives.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 

After confirming the distribution, species, condition , inflow route etc, of the inhabitant pests by installing and adherence trap on the likely movement routes of harmful organisms (pests) within the collection room exhibit hall or book stack, we set up an extermination measure through a reasonable.

PEM2 Data Logger Monitoring 

Data Logger Monitoring is to monitor temperature and humidity. Hence, it can analyse  the environmental in the room that has been recorded. It also can make a professional report on condition of that room.

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